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Compostable capsules

Our commitment for a Plastic Free way of life

DISINTEGRAZIONEEvery day we read and hear about Plastic Free campaigns and of the consequences that plastic pollution is having on our planet. The figures are impressive since we talk about tens of millions of capsules used daily. Magazzini del Caffè has committed itself to take further steps down the path of eco-sustainability. Our certified Ok Compost capsules can be disposed of as wet waste along with the coffee, which is an highly valuable component for the production of compost and the generation of biogas. By not having a secondary packaging, our compostable capsules avoid and reduce the generation of waste.

Magazzini del Caffè, which has always been sensitive to environmental issues, is committed to replacing fossil plastic in its capsules production process as new technologies become available that will allow to extend the adoption of barrier compostable materials.

Nespresso®* compatible compostable barrier capsule

Key features of the Nespresso®* compatible compostable barrier capsule:• Ok Compost certification of the 6 colours plus neutral • High oxygen barrier - 18 months shelf life

  • Exclusive to Magazzini del Caffè
  • Excellent quality of the coffee dispensed
  • No release of odours
  • OK Biobased 4-star capsule
  • Fossil plastic free
  • Aluminium free
  • Disposable with wet waste
  • Without Tetrahydrofuran (THF free) and without Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA free)
  • Without secondary packaging

pdf Magazzini del caffè Ok Compost certification

Nespresso®* Compatibile Compostabile

Compostable barrier capsule compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio®*

Key features of the compostable barrier capsule compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio®*:• Ok Compost certification

  • High oxygen barrier - 18 months shelf life
  • Excellent quality of the coffee dispensed
  • No release of odours
  • OK Biobased 4-star capsule
  • Fossil plastic free
  • Aluminium free
  • Disposable with wet waste
  • Without Tetrahydrofuran (THF free) and without Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA free)
  • Without secondary packaging

A Modo Mio®* Compatibile Compostabile

*Trademarks not owned by Magazzini del Caffè or other companies connected to it.

Private Label

Lavazza Espresso Point

Lavazza Espresso Point ® * compatibles: like the originals, these are packaged in barrier bags in a protective atmosphere to maintain the quality of the coffee unaltered for 24 months.

Dolce gusto

Dolce Gusto ® * compatibles: a blend of coffees specifically created to offer a taste very similar to the original and which can be customized to suit the Italian palate. It is also available in a wide range of beverages: Caffè Latte, Choco, Cortado and Cappuccino.

For those that are milk-based, we recommend “fully creamy” for a real milk taste.


Nespresso ® * self-protective compatibles: does not require an outer wrapping since its properties are able to guarantee an optimal preservation of the ground coffee with a “barrier effect” that protects from oxidation, humidity and light for at least 18 months.

Traditional compatibles instead have an outer wrapping and are packaged in a protective atmosphere for a shelf life of 24 months.

Compatible capsules

Magazzini del Caffè produces capsules that are perfectly compatible with the main capsule systems available on the international market.

With its wide range of products at competitive prices and with high dependability and flexibility in its manufacturing processes, Magazzini del Caffè is able to meet the requests of the most demanding customers.

For our customers, Magazzini del Caffè also produces and packages private label compatible capsules: Nespresso ® for home use, Dolce Gusto ® and Lavazza Espresso Point ® *.

With its deep product expertise and production flexibility, Magazzini del Caffè guarantees a “tailor made” service able to satisfy the most varied requests.

What can we customise?

  • Blend
  • Roast
  • Type of dispensing
  • Quantity of product in capsule
  • Packaging

Range of customisable compatible capsules

Nespresso ® * with or without outer wrapping, in cases of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 capsules; packages with 1 to 5 capsules.

Dolce Gusto ® * capsules packaged in bags of 10, 16 or 20 pieces in cartons. Like the original, for the preparation of some beverages, coffee capsules and powdered milk capsules are placed in the same package.

Lavazza Espresso Point ® * wrapped singles, in packages of 50, 100, 150 pieces with or without kits (sugar, cups and stirrers)
Minimum order volume: 2 pallets per blend. Delivery time: 3 to 8 weeks depending on the level of customisation requested
Nespresso ®, Dolce Gusto ® e Lavazza Espresso Point ® brands are not connected with Magazzini del Caffè or related companies.

Nespresso ico DolceGusto ico EspressoPoint ico


IFS FOOD Magazzini del Caffè Quality System is certified since 2014 according to the IFS Food (International Featured Standards) standards, with a high level score.Magazzini del Caffè products are registered FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and can be sold in the USA and Canada.

Our blends can be UTZ certified. UTZ mission is to create a world where sustainable agriculture is the norm. Sustainable agriculture helps farmers, workers and their families meet their ambitions, and helps safeguard the world's resources now and in the future.



Our blends can be Organic certified to guarantee that the coffee used comes from organic cultivations.



Our blends can be Kosher certified to follow Jewish observance religious rules.