Through our international network of importers, distributors, agents and direct clients, our own branded or private label products are currently distributed in the following Countries:

  • Germany (Horeca)
  • Austria (Horeca)
  • Polond (Horeca)
  • Romania (Retail)
  • Russia (Horeca)
  • Ukraine (Horeca)
  • Bulgaria (Horeca e monoporzionato)
  • China (Horeca e Retail)
  • Morocco (Horeca)

The Company's current plans - as well as to further strengthen its market position in those Countries where it is already present with the appointment of new dealers - include its participation in the sector's leading international trade fairs for the purpose of signing new distribution agreements (also exclusive where necessary) with international distributors as part of its strategy to expand its worldwide market presence.

Resultantly, new staff has been added to our export department to cope with our international expansion plans and to ensure our on-the-spot presence at trade fairs and the necessary local leads follow-up.

To foreign operators, moreover, Magazzini del Caffè SpA is able to provide contacts, at particularly favourable conditions, with leading Italian producers of professional equipment for bars, cafés, restaurants, etc., as well as provide practical training courses, both in Italy and abroad, for the correct and efficient use of the equipment and on how to professionally make and evaluate the "true" Italian espresso and cappuccino (see our "Bar Master" page)

Crescita export