Ho.Re.Ca. sector

Thanks to its experience gained in more than ten years in the Ho.Re.Ca. market, Magazzini del Caffè SpA has specifically developed the "Linea Bar" with a range of high quality blends of coffee beans capable of meeting all expectations of both licensed premises managers and their customers.

Our weekly round for on-the-spot delivery allows to supply always "fresh" products and maintain a direct line with our Ho.Re.Ca. clients in order to meet their specific needs. Our partnership with leading Italian manufacturing companies of professional equipment for bars, cafés, restaurants etc., and the related network service, allow us to guarantee the highest quality of service.

Our wide range of branded complementary products (e.g. decaffeinated sachets, sugar, sweetener, instant coffees, etc.) offers the opportunity to increase the turnover in each point of sale, while the many promotional products available provide excellent brand visibility inside the premises.

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Magazzini del Caffè products are available in nearly all major Italian regions through its network of direct sales agents and exclusive dealers.