Vending and single-dose channel

mdc granaroma exportFor the Vending channel, Magazzini del Caffè SpA has developed a range of blends of coffee beans purposely designed to guarantee the highest quality of the coffee dispensed in terms of cream and taste, using raw materials expressly selected to exclude any possible wood and pebbles, which may cause the malfunction of the grinder.

Magazzini del Caffè SpA also produces its own range of blends available in "ESE" standard pods and biodegradable capsules compatible with "Lavazza " (which also includes a wide range of complementary instant and leaf coffees), as well as capsules compatible with Nespresso", "Lavazza A modo mio" and "Espresso Italia".

Moreover, Magazzini del Caffè is more than willing to supply coffee beans and single-dose coffee in personalized and customized packaging to clients and distributors in the Vending sector, as well as creating custom coffee blends.

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The company's own branded pods and capsules are distributed throughout Italy via its network of dealers.