Control methods

Each production and processing stage is constantly monitored with qualitative methods and subject to strict controls:


Each stage (from flowering to fruit ripening) is overseen by expert agronomists in coffee cultivation, whose job is to ensure that the trees receive only the best care (e.g., proper irrigation, protection from pest attacks, removal of weeds, planting of new seedlings, etc.).

La cura delle piantine La fioritura Pianta con frutti


The meticulous and exclusive hand-picking method used for harvesting and the visual inspection of the quality of the fruits delivered by the teams of pickers, together with the complete removal of the fruits remained on the trees at the end of the harvest, are just some of the measures adopted to ensure only the best quality raw materials.

Raccolta manuale


During the drying process of green coffee, the percentage of residual moisture is constantly monitored in order to prevent an excess of moisture from causing the harmful fermentation of the bean.

Essicazione al sole

Sorting and bagging

The selection by size (sieve) and quality (colour) allows Magazzini del Caffè SpA to choose the different qualities of raw material, since it will only import the very best quality green coffee.

Crivellatura in gruppo Caffe in sacchi

Quality control of green coffee

Sample checks are carried out on each lot of imported green coffee, both prior to shipment and on arrival. The checks carried out on the raw coffee are visual, olfactory, instrumental (chemical-physical) and include an espresso tasting of a roasted sample.

Controllo visivo 1


For each single-origin (quality of green coffee) is established a specific roasting curve and a precise degree of roasting in order to achieve the best possible taste and aroma. Each "roast" is supervised by an expert roaster who checks the correct progression (on screen) of the roasting curve, as well as the correct succession of the roasting stages by taking probe samples from the machine. The evenness and the right degree of roasting are assessed by the operator both visually in the cooling plate and instrumentally with the use of special colorimeters.

Lente grado tostatura Tostatura espresso


To ensure the best conservation of the product, specific quality controls for each type of packaging are carried out during the various processing stages. They include checks on the degree of vacuum, residual oxygen, quality and density of brewed samples, seams bonding, weight, etc.


Quality controls on the finished product

All batches of the finished product are subjected to tests and checks on packaging integrity and correct wordings, weight, degree of grinding, quality by sensory analysis (tasting) and food hygiene (chemical-physical controls).



By retaining all control samples and records of work activities and checks carried out, Magazzini del Caffè SpA ensures for each lot of finished product the identification of the raw materials, packaging materials and processing methods used, along with the results of the tests and checks carried out.

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