Plants, processing and selection

Impianto di lavorazione del caffè verdeThrough its Brazilian subsidiary, Magazzini del Caffè SpA also owns, in the District of Vitoria da Conquista, State of Bahia (Brazil), a large plant for drying, processing, sorting and storing the green coffee, extending to 140 hectares (340 acres) with a production capacity of over 60,000 bags a year.

Also all processing activities of the freshly harvested fruits have a key role for guaranteeing only the highest possible quality of green coffee beans. In the arid region extending within the State of Bahia, we have built a major plant for drying and washing the freshly collected coffee and for its selection according to the bean diameter (sieving) and colour (elimination of any black, unripe and imperfect bean).

EssiccamentoThe scarcity of rainfall ensures the fast drying of the coffee fruits so as to avoid any harmful fermentation of the bean.

The use of only asphalted yards for the drying process, ensures the absence of any pebble and prevents the coffee from acquiring the scent of "earth".

The different processes and selections allow to obtain "washed" coffee with medium acidity and soft and floral flavour, "descascado" (peeled) coffee with a sweet and refined taste, and "natural" coffee that retains the original strength and character.

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