Torrefattrice PetronciniThe new state of the art plants have been specifically designed to achieve the best possible results in coffee roasting by means of jets of warm air preventing the contact of the beans with hot metal parts.

The single-origin bean roasting (blending only occurs afterwards on roasted coffee) allows to define precise roasting modes, thus allowing to enhance the characteristic quality of the finer coffees.

Piatto raffreddamentoObviously all this is carried out under the strict supervision of skilled personnel with many years of experience, assisted by a dedicated computerized system which constantly monitors the progress of the roasting curves during each stage.

The rigorous control procedures and exact compliance with all health and sanitary requirements ensure the strict observance at all times of the defined quality standards.

Finally, it is only in the knowledgeable preparation of the blends and in the skilful use of the "gourmet" quality that lies the secret for rediscovering the rich and balanced taste of the traditional Italian espresso.