The plantations and harvesting methods

Through its Brazilian subsidiary, Magazzini del Caffè owns, in the District of Vitoria da Conquista, State of Bahia (Brazil), 2 large coffee plantations, namely the Fazendas "Ouro Branco" and "San Francisco", ideally located at an altitude between 800 and 1,200 mt. above sea level, for a total of 450,000 coffee trees on land extending to 360 hectares (880 acres).

Fazenda Ouro Branco Mappa bahia 2


Frutti maturi e acerbiAll our coffee trees are Arabica. The Arabica type tree, besides producing the highest quality coffee beans, is also the most delicate since while it needs sun, the sun must be neither too hot, nor direct, and not for too many hours a day. Consequently, our high/hilly plantations guarantee the best climate conditions for the Arabica tree. It also needs the right amount of rain water and the District of Vitoria da Conquista has the ideal microclimate for the best plant growth.

Coffee harvesting takes place once a year between May and August. During this period, teams of pickers continuously pass between the tree rows to pick only the red fruits.


Raccolta macchineHand-picking enables to select only the ripe fruits already during harvest, thus ensuring the highest quality of the raw material. Additionally, also the timely interval between each "passage" is fundamental to prevent ripe fruits from rotting on the tree.

It should be noted that cultivation and harvesting take place in the full observance of the laws established in favour of the socio-economic development of the territory and in the full respect of the rights of local communities, as officially acknowledged by the Brazilian authorities.

Mechanical harvesting by means of shaking the tree to remove all remaining fruits is only carried out at the end of the harvest, so as to clear the tree prior to a "deserved" rest before the next flowering.