In order to meet all the needs of its clients, Magazzini del Caffè SpA has significantly increased its production facilities and has established partnerships with leading companies in the coffee industry.

In fact, Magazzini del Caffè SpA can supply all the different types of coffee in customized packaging as well as produce and package under its own brands or private label: coffee beans 500 or 1,000gr.; vacuum-packed ground coffees 250 or 500gr. in "bricks", multi-packs and cans; "ESE" pods; instant and lyophilized (freeze-dried) coffees; and "Lavazza Espresso Point", "Nespresso", "Espresso Italia", "Lavazza A modo mio" compatible coffee capsules.

In the same way, each type of roasting is specifically suited to meet the different requirements: from Turkish coffee (extremely pale) to Neapolitan espresso (very dark). The skilled and precise control exercised during all grinding stages, allows Magazzini del Caffè to produce coffee with the appropriate granulometries for moka pots, espresso, Turkish, filter (or "regular") coffee.

Our expertise, "craftsmanship" and utmost manufacturing and organizational flexibility allow us to "TAILOR" products to meet our clients' specific needs.

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