Coffee Blends in single-dose pods



Our Magazzini del Caffè branded pods packaged in a protective atmosphere and in compliance with the ESE standard, are available in three Pelourinho blends: 100% Arabica, Gusto Intenso (Intense Flavour) and Decaffeinated.

Composed of the world's finest origin green coffee, individually roasted and expertly blended.



Pelourinho 100% Arabica Blend:

Coffee blend composed of the very best washed and natural Arabica from Brazil, Central America and Ethiopia.
Characterizes a coffee with a velvety body and enveloping scents. It has an intense and flowery aroma, a sweet and fruity taste, a medium acidity and high persistence.

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Pelourinho Intense Flavour Blend:

Coffee blend composed of the very best natural Arabica from Brazil and Ethiopia enhanced by a touch of selected African Robusta. The blend provides an immediately discernible aroma with hints of cocoa, toasted bread, dried and candied fruits, plainly distinguishable from the freshness of the fruits and flowers. The taste is balanced and the body round and velvety.

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Pelourinho Decaffeinated Blend:

Coffee blend composed of Arabica from Central/South America, expertly blended with selected high quality Robusta. Ideal for a rich flavoured decaffeinated coffee with a velvety and enveloping structure. The perfectly balanced blend gives off a delicate fragrance of cereals and toast with sweet and fresh notes.

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