Research and innovation

InnovazioneIn collaboration with leading research institutes and universities, Magazzini del Caffè promotes research projects for the further improvement of its production processes and the development and patent protection of innovative products, also with the support of national and EU funding and incentives.

The compostable capsule

CapsuleCompostabiliThe "DREAM" of being able to throw the used capsules into the organic waste bin is now a close reality! Magazzini del Caffè SpA is in the process of incorporating and adapting to its capsules a compostable material suitable to withstand the high temperatures and pressures to which coffee capsules are subjected during coffee brewing.

Achieving compostability is a complex matter since, in fact, according to the EU norm EN 13432, the characteristics a compostable material must show are:

  • biodegradability
  • disintegrability
  • absence of negative effects on the composting process
  • low levels of contamination on the compost
  • compliance with the chemical-physical parameters set out by the norm


The self-protected Nespresso compatible capsule

Mare capsuleA new plastic Nespresso compatible capsule capable of providing a "TRUE" 24-month "BARRIER" preventing the ground coffee from deteriorating as a result of the oxygen, moisture and light action, is currently being introduced.

The innovative self-protected capsules no longer need a plastic and aluminium over-wrapping, thus reducing both production and disposal costs, as well as benefiting the environment. If the material used for the self-protected capsule does not guarantee an oxygen permeability lesser than 1 cc per square meter in 24 hours, it is very likely that the coffee contained will - within a few weeks from packaging - become oxidized and rancid, and lose both body and creaminess.

The new Magazzini del Caffè capsules will be entirely produced with a proprietary material, unique in its kind, capable of guaranteeing a real barrier effect!