The taste of solidarity

Since its inception, Magazzini del caffè SpA has - especially thanks to Mr. Silvano Lamberti, one of the Company's founding members - always promoted humanitarian initiatives in favour of the neediest populations.

We are in fact convinced that the Company should also have an important social function in creating value not only for itself, but also for society. The deep awareness of this meaningful truth has thus developed into an "enjoyable taste" for promoting solidarity actions!

Operazione Lieta (Operation Joy)

Operazione lietaOPERAZIONE LIETA is a non-profit Organization founded in 1983 to support humanitarian and development projects for the poorest children in the northeast of Brazil, namely Fortaleza and its outskirts.

The heart and soul of this initiative is Ms. Lieta Valotti, a keen volunteer from Brescia who in 1979 accepted the invitation made to her by Father Luigi Rebuffini - a missionary in Brazil since 1957 - to commit herself to helping needy children. Ms. Lieta - whose name in Italian "auspiciously" means Joy - along with other volunteers provides to hundreds of children a house and food, the warmth and affection of a family, and the necessary school education to give them a future, which in turn it will also be the future of their Country.

Magazzini del Caffè SpA supports, since 2004, OPERAZIONE LIETA by donating part of its sales revenue to the Organization to help finance development projects for the poorest communities of Brazil.

Our clients can consequently contribute to the ongoing OPERAZIONE LIETA's projects through the purchase of products branded MAGAZZINI DEL CAFFÈ and CAFÈ BAHIA which have the Organization's name and logo on the packaging.

Food Bank

Banco AlimentareThrough the freely donated food, the FOOD BANK helps 8,818 charitable organizations and facilities spread throughout the national territory, thus helping to reach a total of 1,700,000 needy people. The important work carried out by this Association makes it an invaluable resource for the entire society as it allows the helped organizations to devote more of their available resources to their mission, based on effective and concrete subsidiarity (


  • Social Benefit - Products that can still be perfectly used as food are rescued from becoming waste and regain their original intended use and purpose by being freely donated to charitable organizations for their needy people, thus allowing them to use the saved funds for further activities and for improving the quality of their services.
  • Economic Benefit - By donating their surpluses, companies give them back an economic value and, if on the one hand this helps to reduce their storage and disposal costs, on the other it is a valuable contribution to the food donated annually which commercial value has now reached several hundred millions euros.
  • Environmental Benefit - The recovery of still perfectly edible food, thus preventing it from becoming waste, allows on the one side a saving in energy resources - with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere - and on the other the recycling of the packaging.

Magazzini del Caffè SpA contributes to the praiseworthy work of the FOOD BANK by donating to this non-profit Association any excess production.